Wild Honey Hare   A3

Wild Honey Hare A3

About "Wild Honey" 

Drawn in 2012, Wild Honey Hare is the namesake for our business, Wild Honey Art.
He's a bit weathered around the edges, a bit of a weary traveller; but all the more loveable for it. He's got character.

The idea for the portrait came from the rolling fields and brown hills that I can see outside our house in summer, and the rabbits that populate them. The song that inspired this particular drawing is "Wild Honey" by U2.

This limited edition print of the Wild Honey Bunny (yes, we know he's a hare) is printed on high-quality paper by local printers Lamb Peters in Greytown. It is backed by cardboard and wrapped in a cellophane cover.
The print run is limited to 500.
The size is A3, or 297 x 420mm.

The low cost and high quality are indicative of our commitment to providing beautiful artwork at an affordable price to you.
These prints are popular as gifts or for in a child's room. We've even had people say they're being put inside a hunting lodge!