Saudade - aka Harry the Hare

Saudade - aka Harry the Hare

"Saudade" 2014

Harry the Hare, as he is affectionately known, came out of my continuing fascination with the rabbits that inhabit our golden fields and hills. I love exploring what their emotions would be if they were more human: anthropomorphising, I suppose.

When I regard Harry, I can't help feeling that despite his dashing good looks he is slightly withdrawn from the normal goings-on of rabbit life, faithfully pining for a lost love.

Saudade, the official name of the drawing, is a Portuguese or Galician word that has no direct translation in English. It describes a state of melancholic nostalgia and longing for a dear person, place or thing that is absent from you. Moreover, it often carries a reluctant sense that the object of longing may never return.

To get a feeling of the mood that inspired this drawing, listen to 'Saudade' by Thievery Corporation

Coloured pencil and a Coloured pen on paper, by Wairarapa, New Zealand artist Nikki McIvor
Copyright Nikki McIvor Artist and Wild Honey Art, 2014

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