Raccoon A3

Raccoon A3

This limited edition print of a raccoon is entitled "Asleep". 
It is printed on high-quality paper by local printers Lamb Peters in Greytown. It is backed by cardboard and wrapped in a cellophane cover. The edition number is hand-written by the artist and is limited to 500.

"The raccoon, Latin name “Procyon Lotor”, is not found in New Zealand. He is a native of North and Central America. In fact, they do so well in semi-urban environments in the US that they are almost a pest; but there are many who find them cute.
I drew “Asleep” for the son of a good friend. He still lives in the imaginary world of fairy tales, and is very much into the inner lives of stuffed animals.
I imagine that the day will come where he will wake up and won’t be interested in his favourite toy raccoon anymore. When that happens, Mr. Raccoon will have to go to sleep in the toy box until the child grows up and has his own children."

Coloured pencil and a Coloured pen on paper, by Wairarapa, New Zealand artist Nikki McIvorCopyright Nikki McIvor Artist and Wild Honey Art, 2015

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