Oscar the Owl C6 card

Oscar the Owl C6 card


10% of proceeds go directly to the Oxford Bird Rescue


Blank Greeting Card
C6 size


Oscar is a Little or German Owl (Athene noctura) who is blind. His luck brought him into the care of the Oxford Bird Rescue in South Canterbury, who nursed him back to health.


He is now a bit of a celebrity in his role as an advocate, teaching schools and groups about wildlife. Entitled The Beauty of Uncertainty, this artwork explores how events which seem traumatic at the time can change the course of our lives, often for the better.


Says Nikki, the artist: “I imagine Oscar: injured and in the depths of despair, thinking that he is not long for the world; but then miraculously being resuced and brought back to live an entirely different lifestyle.

When we are lost and do not know the way forward, there is also beauty to the uncertainty.”


Wild Grey Fox produces images by Nikki McIvor onto prints, cards, gift tags and homeware like tea towels, aprons and grocery bags. Our aim - objects that are lovely to use, ecologically responsible and made to last.