Nightblindness Kiwi A3

Nightblindness Kiwi A3



Limited Edition digital print

by artist Nikki McIvor

Coloured pen, coloured pencil and acrylic


New Zealand’s iconic bird, the kiwi, is severely endangered. Some species are more so than others. The Common Brown Kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) lives in the wild in several populations in New Zealand.


Kiwi are nocturnal. It is also thought that they sought the shadow of night to avoid the hunting birds that once ruled New Zealand’s daytime skies, relying on sight and sound to find their prey.


Being flightless, they have relatively few defences; so they rely on their beaks, claws, whiskers and an acute sense of smell to avoid predators but also hunt out their food living underground.


Says Nikki about this drawing: “I imagined a kiwi emerging from its burrow

to hunt in the moonlight, ready to hunt but also to defend itself if need be.”


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