Natural Tea Towel with Peacock Feather

Tea Towels
Printed with a close-up of a peacock feather based on
Artist Nikki McIvor’s painting “Plume”
(Limited numbers available; not to be re-printed).

An unbleached, 100% cotton tea towel;
hand-printed locally in Martinborough, New Zealand
with a print of our iconic Moon Hare.

This unbleached, 100% cotton tea towel is imported. (See our blog!).
The wrap is printed on FSC-certified paper.
We want you to know that you are purchasing something that’s good for everyone from the grower to the consumer.

The Wild Honey Art ethos:
Local where possible, fair trade where not.
Organic where possible, to best degree we can.
Minimal packaging. Be open with others.
Support people in making a living from their passions,
and artisans in their craft.
Be good to the planet. Be good to each other.
Be good to yourself.