Madam - Paradise Shelduck

Madam - Paradise Shelduck

Blank Greeting Card
C6 size

'Madam' - Madam is the name of a Paradise Shelduck, New Zealand's only native shelduck (Putakitaki/Putangitangi). In this case, the female duck is the prettier looking of the two, with a white head and a chestnut body. These ducks tend to mate for life, but, in the case of Madam, she only has eyes for Ken, the Head Caretaker at Lochmara Lodge in the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sounds in Malborough, New Zealand.

A permanent fixture at Lochmara Lodge due to being raised by Ken who came to Lochmara as an orphan with her sister at their Wildlife Recovery Centre, Fiercely territorial, she stands her ground against anyone who comes to close, but is always happily partial to the odd snack at the cafe.

Wild Honey Art reproduces images by Nikki McIvor onto prints, cards and homewares like tea towels, reusable jute and grocery bags.  Our aim - objects that are lovely to use, ecologically responsible and made to last. 

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