Kea C6 Card

Kea C6 Card


Kia Kaha

© 2019

by artist Nikki McIvor


The kea (Nestor notabilis) is the world's only mountain parrot. 

This native parrot is highly intelligent and is a nationally threatened species. Fewer than 5,000 kea remain in the wild, and only in the South Island of New Zealand. Known for its cheeky antics, the kea is sometimes seen as a pest and the Department of Conservation issues guidelines on how to live in a conflict-free manner with Kea. 


Says Nikki about this drawing:

“On the afternoon of Friday 15th March 2019, I was in the process of putting the finishing touches on this drawing when the mosque shootings occurred in Christchurch. 

Through the shock in the aftermath of these attacks, the saying on everyone’s lips was Kia Kaha or “stay strong”. 

The word Kia is pronounced the same as Kea, and because of this I introduced a small Toki Pounamu necklace to the drawing which represents strength and courage in times of adversity.”


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