Kaka -  "The Outsiders" C6 Card

Kaka - "The Outsiders" C6 Card


Wild Honey Art's cards are printed in Greytown, hand-folded and lovingly sealed in a cellophane wrapper to ensure longevity. They're based on artist Nikki McIvor's popular depictions of beloved New Zealand animals.

"The Kaka (Nestor meridionalis) is a large species of
parrot originally found in native forests of New Zealand.
It is endangered and has disappeared from much of its
former range due to introduced predators such as rats,
stoats and possums; it also suffers from habitat loss and
competition from wasps and honeydew bees for nectar."

More information on the back of the card.

Coloured pencil and a Coloured pen on paper, by Wairarapa, New Zealand artist Nikki McIvor. She drew her inspiration from a song by The Doves entitled “The Outsiders”.

Copyright Nikki McIvor Artist and Wild Honey Art, 2015