Kakapo B3

Kakapo B3


Kakapo bird - "Ghost of the Forest"
Digital Print - Limited Edition in A3 ($49), B3 ($150) and SRA2 ($185)

The Kakapo (Strigops habroptila) - kaka means parrot and po means night - is a cheeky and inquisitive bird native only to New Zealand. Sinbad the Kakapo lives on Codfish Island; when a friend was there at night, he climbed onto her head to check her out, then perched on her foot and finally performed a dance. This curiosity and lack of fear is part of the reason they are critically endangered. But all is not lost: there are now 154 birds on record, up from a low of 51 in 1995.

This drawing is called “Ghost of the Forest” and it pays homage to these special birds who are no longer prolific, and reflects on our collective actions in making them so. Sinbad holds a pounamu (greenstone necklace) - an infinity Koru which symbolises the weaving together of different threads and the creation of a new synergy.

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