Christmas Crackers: tea towel

Christmas Crackers: tea towel

Our Christmas crackers are wrapped in christmas paper, tied with candy canes and a biscuit or a mini fudge Christmas pudding. 
They "pop" like a real Christmas cracker, and contain our tea towels.

Specify which print tea towel you'd like:
Rabbit, Kingfisher, Wings or Plume.

The blurb on our tea towels:

An unbleached, 100% cotton tea towel;
hand-printed locally in Martinborough, New Zealand
with a print of our iconic Moon Hare.

This unbleached, 100% cotton tea towel is imported. (See our blog!).
The wrap is printed on FSC-certified paper.
We want you to know that you are purchasing something that’s good for everyone from the grower to the consumer.

The Wild Honey Art ethos:
Local where possible, fair trade where not.
Organic where possible, to best degree we can.
Minimal packaging. Be open with others.
Support people in making a living from their passions,
and artisans in their craft.
Be good to the planet. Be good to each other.
Be good to yourself.

Designed in Greytown by artist Nikki McIvor and Wild Honey Art