"Bulletproof Soul" - Goat - B3 & SRA2

"Bulletproof Soul" - Goat - B3 & SRA2


Limited Edition: 500 A3 | 750 B3 | 50 SRA2

Goats (Capra hircus) were introduced to New Zealand in the early days of European settlement for food, to estabish a commercial fibre industry, and for weed control. Nowadays, DOC sometimes controls feral goat populations using Judas goat technology. A goat is caught, fitted with a radio-collar and released back into the area. This animal - known as a Judas - then hopefully joins up with any remaining mob of goats, allowing the hunter to locate and shoot the mob.

In this painting, Nikki explores the moment where a hunter a cornered a goat.
He is proud, defiant even. It’s as though the goat is saying:
“You can’t break my soul.”

The drawing was inspired by the title a Sade song called ‘Bulletproof Soul”.

Coloured pencil and a Coloured pen on paper, by Wairarapa, New Zealand artist Nikki McIvor
Copyright Nikki McIvor Artist and Wild Honey Art, 2014