ALL EDITIONS SOLD OUT "Here Comes the Moon" - SRA2

ALL EDITIONS SOLD OUT "Here Comes the Moon" - SRA2

Edition limited to 50. 
Each is individually signed by the artist.

All editions are now sold out, though some of our retailers may still have some in stock.

The size is 450mm x 640, or SRA2.

Framed, this will make quite a statement on your wall.

This limited edition print of the Moon Hare is printed on high-quality paper by local printers Lamb Peters in Greytown. It is backed by cardboard and wrapped in a cellophane cover.

The print is based on Nikki McIvor's original work in pen & ink from 2012, called "Here Comes the Moon".
Here's what she has to say about what inspired her:
"The Moon Hare depicts how I imagine a hare feels like at dusk: the breathless anticipation of being able to move around freely in the quiet of the evening, without predators or disturbance."